Can I Be Fired For Filing a Workers Comp Claim in Washington DC?

It is common for employees to fear their employers’ response when filing a workers’ compensation claim. Employees are fearful of losing their pay grade or even losing their job if they discuss filing a claim. Supervisors often suggest taking it easy at work or suggest taking some time off in lieu of filing a workers’ compensation claim. In the District of Columbia your rights are written into the law. You are protected from the moment you begin the claim process and if your employer interferes with your status at work or treats you unfairly in any way, they could face severe legal penalties. 

It is illegal in Washington D.C. to fire an employee for filing a workers’ compensation claim. If your claim is filed correctly then you are not allowed to be fired for your injury.

Why are workers protected in the District of Columbia?

Washington D.C.’s workers’ compensation laws were put in place to protect employees from their employers. If you have been injured on the job, you are protected from discrimination in the workplace and protected from intimidation. If you are injured and are afraid to report the unsafe situation which injured you, you are protected. You’re employer cannot threaten you or bully you into silence. If your employer was able to fire injured employees without consequence then they would have no incentive to provide a safe workplace. Your workers’ compensation claim keeps your employer accountable to provide better safety in the future. Every claim that is filed pushes D.C.’s employers to provide better workplaces for all.

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